Use Crazy-Colored Wahoo Lures

Sat 18 March 2017

 You must know that  26 seafood with five averaging larger than 80 pounds-- all the wounds began green-and-blue lures. On a separate day, he caught 27 fish all on pink-and-yellow. "I combine it up," Hunt events. "Some great tricks, some little, bright colors and dark, a jet head and a flat head. If I get something works especially well, I'll shift half of my infect match. I consistently leave 3 of anything unusual.

Hunt steadily has a couple of Yo-Zuri . While these big lures often turn hooks from fish, he's seen days where they're the only programs that work, the spirit from his two short blocks.

On days when the bottle appears to capture a break, Hunt takes out his unique bait bag "with the most obnoxious, insane color mixes you've ever seen," he states. "Maybe it's more mental, to give me self-confidence in my scope once again. When I'm second-guessing what I have in the spring, I nevermore look to catch as favorite fish or the best bass lures ."

" I've found lots of wahoo at 9 or 10 knots, and I've got a far better likelihood of catching dolphin, tuna, and billfish," states Capt. Billy Black, who operates the franchise boat El Viejo from the Bimini Big Game Club, a Guy Harvey Outpost Resort, and Marina in Bimini, Bahamas.

Black puts four lure-and-bait mixes out on the surface area, and after that sets two lines deep straight off the transom for wahoo. "I like Wahoo stomach strips. They're hard and last a very long time," Black states. He rigs these behind a Billy Black series lure of Bob Schneider Lures utilizing a set of 10/0 double-strength J tools and wherein a foot of No. 12 wire. Twenty-eight feet of 300-pound mono links the trick to a 24- or 32-ounce trolling lead, which is compared to his primary line.

Pull Wahoo Lures While Looking for Other Species

Ray Rosher of Miss Britt Charters in Miami falls in between Hunt and Black, trolling plastic lures, not bait, at 8 to 10 knots. In the winter season, Rosher provides for capturing Wahoo when he discovers a clean-water point anywhere in between 200 and 400 feet deep.
Even when far offshore sight- fishing for dolphin, Rosher regularly pulls 3 of his own Wahoo Magnets while browsing, and gets both wahoo and dolphin bites. "Having those lures out brings in fish," he states. "They jitter along the surface area then go below for a while. Dolphin will apply them, and wahoo will not bite through the cable television."

Rosher staggers two little- or medium-sized lures relatively far behind the boat off his outriggers, utilizing just the lead in the head of the bait to keep them undersea. "Five- or 10-pound dolphin will show up on a medium-size lure, however, will not consume it," he states. "We frequently choose them up with the little lure about 250 feet behind the boat as a shotgun."

Take Chances With Tackle 

" Off Oregon Inlet, if I get three wahoo bites in a day, I 'd call that an insane wahoo bite," states Mike Merritt, a freelance captain in North Carolina. "If I put wire out, the dolphin will consume it. However, the tuna will not." Rather, he frequently takes his possibilities with monofilament. "I hope it hooks in the corner of the jaw, so it will not bite through the mono.

" Wahoo are a structure-oriented fish. If I'm fishing a ledge or a wreck and there are a couple of rounds, I may put a bit following an Islander on the wire," Merritt states, frequently on a plane to retrieve it a couple of feet undersea. "Wahoo like an ostentatious bait," he says, so he selects his lure happily.


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